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September Update

Since it is already mid-October (where does the time go?), our September update for The VacSeen Project is long overdue – so let’s dive in!

September was a big month of behind-the-scenes work. We started out the month meeting with the Australian Medical Association (Queensland) to discuss how AMAQ can help VacSeen in the future. We explored a number of exciting possibilities for 2022, in particular how junior doctors may be able to get involved with helping at our pop-up clinics.

We have also started conversations with the incredible team at Beddown, who provide secure, comfortable pop-up accommodation for people experiencing homelessness in Brisbane, along with medical and employment services. It is so exciting to meet with other organisations who closely align with our goals and values as a charity. Stay tuned for a potential collaboration in 2022.

The last of our meetings for the month involved exciting discussions between The VacSeen Project, Brisbane Youth Service and a local GP, Mansfield Family Clinic, about setting up a clinic to help young people to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Look out for our October update for the details!

Finally, The VacSeen Project was generously supported on the 26th September by the Flutter Folk, who hosted #BANDing4VacSeen at Leftys Music Hall. The Flutter Folk are no strangers to organising great gigs and this one was no different, with performances from local artists Darcy Kate, With Blue, Allora and The Fools. Our team had a wonderful night, and it was such an exciting way to raise money for our cause. Special thanks to Khalela for all the work she did behind the scenes to make it happen.

The VacSeen Team at BANDing Together for The VacSeen Project event at Leftys Music Hall.

With a successful September behind us, the team have been continuing to work hard organising all the other exciting things we have in store for the rest of the year.

What you have to look forward to in the October update…

  • The VacSeen Project has T-shirts! (And maybe soon you can have one too)

  • We successfully ran TWO Covid-19 pop up clinics – and there are more to come

  • The VacSeen Project gets fancy with the help of the Queensland Medical Students' Council Annual Cocktail Night.

As always, thank you for the support. Feel free to like us on Facebook or follow our Instagram or LinkedIn (@thevacseenproject) to stay up to date on all things VacSeen!

Until next month,

The VacSeen Project Team


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