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August Update

It’s been another exciting month for The VacSeen Project, as we begin to turn our minds to tackling the flu in 2022! We started the month meeting with Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio to talk about bringing The VacSeen Project to Toowoomba. We were extremely excited to announce in early August that The VacSeen Project will support those experiencing disadvantage in Toowoomba in 2022, with the support of the mayor and local community group Voices of Groom, as well as expanding on our activities in Brisbane!

We were also excited to receive a sizeable grant from The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust (of Brisbane – yep that's right, two mayors in one monthly update!) which will be used to purchase a specialised portable vaccination fridge, as well as other essential supplies, to enable vaccines to be taken safely into the community. Big thanks must go to the Lady Mayoress, Nina Schrinner, and all her amazing team for their support of our initiative, despite it only being in its infancy. We look forward to sharing a shiny new fridge with you in the coming months

Hannah and Jeremy from the Executive Team accepting the Lord Mayor's Charitable Trust Grant.

The Port Office Hotel was kind enough to invite The VacSeen Project to fundraise via their weekly meat-tray raffle, and they and their patrons deserve a shout out for being so welcoming and helping us raise funds for the cause.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working through appropriate channels to enhance our advocacy work, while it’s all under wraps at present, we hope we can share some developments in the near future.

Last week, we held our inaugural AGM, where we accepted our financials for the year, approved a motion to reincorporate the organisation and continue with our operations, and reflected on where we’ve come so far on this journey and where we hope to go. It’s been an eye-opening and exciting ride so far, and there is much more to come!

Finally, we have some exciting things in the pipeline which we thought important to share in this monthly update:

  • We’re planning on running a top-secret (at present) social media awareness campaign in October, and we’ve got a talented graphic designer on board! We’re currently looking for a corporate partner for this campaign, so if you are from or know a business (big or small) that might be interested in getting on board to raise awareness for barriers that people experiencing homelessness face, please reach out to or get in contact through our socials!

  • The Flutter Folk, run by the amazing Khalela Romano, is hosting a gig at Lefty’s in Brisbane on Sunday September 26, to raise funds for The VacSeen Project and to create some magical music moments. She has hosted several BANDing events to support emerging charities over the past year and we’re really excited for a super fun evening. You can get your tickets here:

  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we’ve begun to look at opportunities for us to assist with getting COVID vaccines to those most vulnerable in our communities – we expect to be able to share more with you around this next month, as vaccines become increasingly available.

That’s all from us for this month – hopefully it gives you a little insight into the behind the scenes working of our team! Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested. As always if you have any queries or thoughts please get in touch – we love to hear from you and look forward to growing The VacSeen Project and increasing its positive impact!

Many thanks for your ongoing support - see you next month!

The VacSeen Project Team


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