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According to the ABS, almost 1 million Australians delayed or didn’t fill their prescriptions in 2019-20 due to the high cost of medications. For those experiencing homelessness and other vulnerable groups, the proportion is significantly higher. Through this new initiative, launched in mid-2022, The VacSeen Project breaks down two barriers to people accessing medications to treat any and all diseases: cost and access.

We utilise eScript technology to allow doctors working with people experiencing homelessness to directly send scripts to our partner pharmacy. Our partner pharmacy dispenses medications, and our volunteers work with them to deliver medications to people where they are and whenever they need them. The VacSeen Project also covers all costs associated with this initiative, to ensure that our friends can access life-saving medications without having to worry about it costing them money that they might need to spend on food or a place to sleep.

The aim of this initiative is to ensure continuity of treatment (hence the name). Too many people have periods of medication use and then periods where they go off their treatments; this can result in poor disease management, hospitlisation, and deaths. We want to break this cycle to keep people healthy, and work with individuals to remove barriers they face in accessing the treatment that they need.

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