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Rapid antigen tests (RATs) are fast and simple tests that can indicate if someone is likely to have COVID-19.  They're easy and safe to use and return results within minutes. They can identify COVID-19 infections in both people who have symptoms, as well as those who be may yet to have symptoms, which can stop transmission and prevent outbreaks.

However, a single RAT costs between $10-$15 dollars. While individuals and businesses can claim tax deductions in some circumstances for the cost of purchasing RATs, at The VacSeen Project we want to ensure that charities supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable populations can provide free and easily accessible RAT for outward facing volunteers and staff, as well as the friends that these charities support. 

Hence, we are launching our 'We Give a RAT' initiative, where any QLD based ACNC-registered charity supporting vulnerable or disadvantaged groups can access free rapid antigen tests to protect the community, including those that may be unvaccinated for whatever reason.  We will deliver RATs and ensure they remain stocked, working with each charity to support individual circumstances.

If you would like to be involved with the initiative, please fill in the brief survey below.

(If you represent or work for a company that is keen to come on board as the 'We Give a Rat' Program's major partner please get in touch here)

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We Give A RAT
Ensuring QLD charities can keep supporting Queenslanders.
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